Project: Wysocki Law Firm

Scope of Work: Data Cable Removal

Today we were removing the network cabling in Wysocki Law Firm located in the DTC area of Denver. It is the law enacted by the City and County of Denver that states tenants must remove the old data cables in the area above the ceiling and walls in their space that they are vacating. We are doing a lot of this work right now due to Covid and as offices come up for renewal Companies are downsizing and giving up their old leases and amount of square footage needed because most employers are allowing their employees to work remotely.

The scope of work included removing all above grid cabling , removal of Data racks and putting blank covers back on the wall. Disposing of cabling and cleaning up the space is included in our service. It takes time as there could be different cables from different offices running in the above ceiling grid.  It takes time to identify these cables and not cut off services to the adjoining tenants or any tenants that may have conference rooms above this space.

Comment from customer after work:

I’ve never seen a contractor leave a workspace so clean!

Wysocki management